I cannot recommend Trudy’s treatment enough.  I had sessions of counselling and EMDR which have drastically changed the way that I reflect and the way that I deal with past and present issues. Trudy has a comfortable treatment room which adds to the way that you react to the sessions. Trudy’s style and approach to the treatment is one of calm and reassurance and after each session I felt as though the weight of the world was lifted off me My life has been transformed to a level that I did not think was possible, I described the process to Trudy as alchemy as I am astounded how its changed my life.
Trudy’s determination to help me was reflected in the way that she addressed the impromptu firework display that took place nearby in the middle of a counselling session.
Well worth a visit and if I ever get any more problems I will be looking straight back to Trudy for treatment.

Mark Pinnell

Trudy has been a massive help to me, and I would encourage anyone to contact her if they are in need.
 Just over a year ago I moved to Gloucestershire to start a new job.   I moved away from friends, my partner and my family, chasing success.   I made a few new friends, however I did not know them well.   I found myself feeling isolated despite having my old friends and family just a phone call away.   On top of this, my job became increasingly stressful – it demanded intense concentration for long periods of time, and due to staffing issues I was working fifty hours a week.   I was building a successful career, however this took its toll.  To make matters worse, I shared accommodation with several people, some of whom had been very aggressive, and not having a stable home to relax in just made things worse.   I found myself becoming increasingly stressed and anxious with no immediate support network.  
 My stress levels built up and up until one weekend I got to the end of my tether mentally and emotionally.   I knew I had to do something, and that was when I called Trudy.   Trudy was able to fit me in quickly on the Monday evening.   When I attended our first session I was emotionally exhausted.   Trudy was comforting, reassuring and provided a listening ear when I needed to talk and unburden myself.   I left that session feeling like a weight had lifted, and optimistic that I could get to a better place.
 After that I looked forward to our weekly sessions.   Going to her therapy cabin was like stepping out of real life for an hour and gave me a chance to relax.   Through the weeks we built up a good relationship.   Trudy got to know me as a person and how my situation had come about.   Importantly, she did not just provide reassurance, but used her knowledge of psychotherapy and psychology to work out coping strategies and change how I viewed myself and the world.   We looked at my life in detail and worked out what I could do in the short term to improve and cope with my situation.   We also planned the decisions I had to make to get myself to a better place in the long term.   I am grateful for Trudy’s insight which has undoubtedly helped bring me to a much better place.  
 Trudy’s expertise has been crucial – with her help I have learned a lot about myself – in particular what I need to do to remain emotionally well.   What I have learned is still affecting the decisions I make today, allowing me to ensure that I don’t return to what was a very dark place.  
I plan to stay in touch with Trudy.   Although I am in a much better place now, I know life will have more ups and downs.   Through the downs it helps to have someone like Trudy to help you through.   I would recommend Trudy to everyone – there are few people who would not benefit from meeting her.