I am Trudy Pring and run Stroud Counselling & Trauma Service.  If you are struggling with life, feel disempowered, frustrated, unheard, unable to express your emotions or feel past trauma is affecting your life then please take a look at my website; I am offering bespoke counselling  for clients who are in need of help and support.

It may currently feel like the right time for you to reach out and access Counselling and address some of the issues in your life.  Everybody feels down from time to time; life can be tough and friends and family can be a great source of support at these times. But when our issues become so overwhelming that we cannot deal with it on our own it may help to talk to a counsellor. During your counselling sessions you will be encouraged to share your issues and concerns and talk privately and confidentially about your experiences and feelings.

Counselling aims to bring about empowerment so that we can make the right choices for ourselves rather than being influenced by others opinions or the pressure of the outside world. It helps us to explore our fears and anxieties, to gain understanding, have healthier relationships, increase self-esteem and confidence so that we can live life more fully.